Wednesday, August 31, 2011

dress them well : a great beginning source

I thought I'd start the "Dress them Well" posts by sharing a link to the Historical Costuming for Children LiveJournal community.  There are several contributors, sharing their garb perspectives on a wide variety of age groups, periods (even outside of the SCA period) and authenticity levels.  This is a recent find for me, so I'm still discovering new links, but here are a few that I find inspiring as a start:

More kids garb photos, (eleanor_deyeson)
The boy shall be dressed at his ease, (chargirlgenius)
Toddler dresses and hood, (birchduck)

There are plenty more- check it out!


  1. I just wanted to say I LOVE your blogs! Both this one and your historic clothing blog. I came across them both this morning through various linkage whilst on a search for information on medieval smocked aprons.

    I have three preschool boys (and a husband, of course!) ;) and we got involved in our local SCA barony last fall. I am slowly trying to round out our wardrobes and your blogs have been so inspirational and so informative. I can't thank you enough for the fabulous information you have shared. I am so excited to see what else you will be posting in the future and can't wait to go back and read all your blog posts from beginning to end. :)

  2. Sarah- thank you so much! It's incredibly rewarding to know my ramblings are helpful. I hope I don't let you down!!