Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kids are Anachronists Too!

As medieval recreation becomes a more mainstream hobby, the number of children born to anachronists increases.  For my part, all three of my kids have only ever known that attending SCA events on the weekends is something that we do.  They were all only two weeks old when they attended their first event, and, yes, they were in garb.

Through the past three years, I've shared some of my experiences as a SCAdian parent with readers of my other blog, The Compleatly Dressed Anachronist, but I've lately felt that I needed to share more.  So, this new blog was born (pardon the pun).

This blog is a bit different from my other in that I have an opportunity to share much more with you, in much the same way as the typical "lifestyle" blogs that are so popular these days.  To that end, you'll see a revolving set of blog features and standard categories.  Planned thus far are:
  • Lessons Learned will be an opportunity to share experiences and offer advice to other medieval parents on how to deal with the very specific issues that come up in our hobby.  Sometime they'll be funny, other times quite serious, but regardless, they will be presented to help you see that you are not alone!
  • Dress Them Well will be focused completely on garb for children.  I'm of the mindset that all children should be well garbed at events, so you'll be sure to spot some finely frocked frolickers in this one!
  • Kids at the Faire will offer a DIY perspective on medieval crafting for your family.  From toys to artwork to event gear, and so on, I'll share the what and how of doing it on your own.
  • Authenticity for Parents will deal with medieval parenting topics (as in period practices) as well as ways to maintain authenticity with and for children.  
  • Merry Market will provide links and inspiration to re-creation appropriate items for purchase (or at least for drooling over).
  • Internet Alchemy is a wide ranging category that will generally showcase online finds that fall within the "kids at events" category. 
  • Modern Medieval Family will be for items of all types that cross over into the mundane world, but that seem appropriate to share.
I will also, of course, share event stories and photos of my family.  We are a large family (we'll equal a half dozen by the end of the year), which poses a whole separate set of issues at events, but I hope you will find our experiences helpful no matter the size of your family.
    Please stick with me as I build this blog.  It will obviously change as my children grow, from infants and toddlers to youth and teens, but I hope parents of any variety will find use in what I post here.  Feedback is always welcome, through comments or by email submissions.

    Regular posts will begin August 21st- I look forward to sharing them with you!

    P.S. I forgot a category!  Kids Cookery will focus on medieval food suitable for kids tastes (or eating habits).

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    1. I'm looking forward to reading this new blog, I've found you other one to be very informative.